How to Achieve Maximum Efficiency at High Temperature Load?

The electrical devices that are operated at high voltage then chances of losses are really higher and transformers are no exceptions. When excessive heat is generated inside transformers then it will cause sudden temperature rise that may disturb internal structure of device. For premium efficient transformers, chances of temperature rise are really low. It also depends on winding materials used inside transformers that control transformer load ratings and its operations too.

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Overload voltage Capacity and rating

Transformers are divided into different categories like low voltage transformers, high voltage transformers, dry type transformers or liquid filled transformers. Temperature rise for all of these transformers is also different and transformer manufacturers India have to design products accordingly. Temperature rise values should be set carefully without causing any damage to transformer insulation or without affecting its overall life.

Transformer Efficiency

This is always good to obtain real load or no-load losses details in watts from leading transformer manufacturers India otherwise it may cause problem later. In few cases, when complete details are not available then temperature rise is considered rough indicator for transformer efficiency. The transformers with high temperature rise generally results into low operating efficiency and high transformer losses.

For premium efficient transformers, chances of heat wastage are generally less in earlier stages. Premium transformers not only account for how much heat has been generated but how much heat has been removed during high temperature rise or transformer losses. In case, transformer you are installing on to your industry location is not energy efficient then extra cooling devices are attached with the transformers. Extra cooling devices result into extra cost that is completely annoying.

SO, it is clear standard transformers may have low initial investments but shorter paybacks. At the same time, energy efficient transformers are little bit expensive but assure attractive paybacks in long run.