Power Transformers – Proper Sizing Assures Fast Payback

Transformers are virtually essential for all kind of commercial building, malls, hospitals etc. For different industries, client generally required differently sized transformers that can suit their requirement the best. People always look upon durable products are reliable and highly cost effective too.

For certain time period, premium efficient transformers may cost extra than your budget but they are generally effective in long terms. Moreover, selection of right transformers largely depends on properly sized transformer and its capacity. For efficiency, you should look upon both transformer losses and winding materials.

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Transformer Losses

In simple words, transformer losses are divided into two categories – core losses and coil losses. The core losses are caused due to laminated steel core that is energized due to high magnetic current flowing inside. Energy continues to get wasted for the time transformer is energized. Losses generally vary with transformer size and type of core selected. This is the reason, Power transformers manufacturers focusing on size of transformer in this blog.

Load losses are generally created inside primary or secondary coils and this is the result of winding material resistivity. So winding material should be copper that can make a difference to losses.

Proper Sizing

When requirements are not clear, engineers may get confused about actual loading requirements that will be placed on unit. In this case, transformer may get damaged when load exceeds the defined limit. So, it is necessary to discuss on project requirements carefully to ensure minimum losses inside core.

Once engineers are sure on voltage load requirements then size of transformers are also set accordingly. Large sized transformers for small transformers may result into heavy losses and unwanted project costs. A table is also designed to check or verify different specifications of transformers that suits particular application or industry the most.